Shower Packages

Shower Packages Deli Bar Buffet

Tossed Salad with Dressings
Tomatoes and Cucumbers
Spicy Bean Salad and Pickled Beet Salad
Pasta Salad and Potato Salad
Vegetable Tray
Assorted Meat & Cheese Platter with Roasted Red Peppers, Condiments, Rolls & Butter
Homemade Soup du Jour
Ziti, Meatballs and Chicken
Coffee or Tea


Brunch Buffet #1

Scrambled Eggs
Hash Brown Potatoes
Bacon and Pork-Link Sausages
Mini Pancakes with Syrup
Bagels, Toast and Muffins
Assorted Danish and Pastries
Fresh Fruit Selection (in season)
Chicken a la King with Biscuits
Fresh Orange and Tomato Juices
Coffee or Tea


Brunch Buffet #2

All of the items on Brunch #1 plus Seafood Newburgh with Rice Baked Virginia Ham - carved
Fresh Orange and Tomato Juices
Coffee or Tea


Brunch Platter

Homemade soup, tossed salad, vegetable Quiche with muffin.


Shower Extras

Buffet Add-Ons:

Scallop Potatoes $2 per person
Spicy Chicken Giblets $2 per person
Greens-N-Beans $2 per person
Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions $2 per person
Baked Macaroni and Cheese $2.50 per person
Eggplant Parmigiana $3 per person
Baked Lasagna $3 per person
Vegetarian Lasagna $3.50 per person

Venetian Table:

Assorted Cookies, Brownies and Bars
NY Style Cheesecake with Strawberries, Blueberries and Cherries
Cream Puffs
$5 per person

Wine and Champagne Toasts:

Ask to see our wine list for availability and pricing.

For an EXTRA SPECIAL TOUCH, add one or more of the following:

Mimosa Punch $60
Bloody Mary Punch $60
Whiskey Sour Punch $60
Non-Alcoholic Fruit Punch $35
Strawberry Daiquiri Punch $87
Assorted Cookie Trays $13 per pound
Strawberry or Chocolate Layer Cake
New York Style Cheesecake with Assorted Fruit Toppings
Coffe Bar Set-Up with Bailey's, Kahlua, Frangelico and Tia Maria
(other liquor options available upon request)